Does Home Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Anything can happen to your home in Greenwood Lake, NY. Your goal is to make sure you have a home insurance policy that can cover virtually anything that might happen. Windermere Insurance agents can work with you to make sure that you have a reliable policy on your home.

A flood can happen when you least expect it. It may be as a result of a lake overflowing, the snow melting, or even as a result of a storm. If water comes racing into your home, it could destroy your home’s foundation, furniture, and various valuables.

Floods are generally not covered on a standard home policy. This means that if you don’t have any additional coverage, you would be financially responsible for the damages as well as the replacements. You don’t want to spend that this kind of money. The better solution is to protect your home in Greenwood Lake NY with a rider.

It’s possible to add flood protection to your home insurance policy. This way, if there is a flood, you will be protected. When you get your home insured for the first time, the insurance agent will also review to see if you’re in a FEMA-identified flood zone. If you are, you will be required to have some kind of flood insurance. Otherwise, it’s up to you as to whether you want to add it to your policy. Although it’s an added expense, it can be a wise investment so that you are protected if flood water comes toward your home.

Since you’re near the water, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for what could happen.

At Windermere Insurance, we’re here to help you. Our independent insurance agents can review your existing home insurance policy, make suggestions on how to improve it, and ensure that you have flood coverage in the event that the unthinkable happens.



Why Do I Need Home Insurance?

Buying a home can be a very good long-term decision. When you are buying a home in the Greenwood Lake, NY area, it is very important to make sure that you are being as conservative as possible. One of the ways to do this is to get a quality home insurance policy. Home insurance policies are always going to be required by your mortgage lender and could be required by any association you are a member of. Even if it is not required by insurance or your home association, there are several other reasons why you need to have home insurance in place.

Provides Necessary Protection

One of the main reasons why you need to have home insurance is that it will provide you with very necessary protection.  Your home is a very big asset that needs to be protected by a quality insurance policy.  Your home insurance policy will provide you with insurance coverage in the event it is damaged or destroyed by a storm, fire, or another calamity.

Provides Liability Coverage

When you are looking to provide yourself with the possible coverage, your home insurance policy can also be beneficial due to the liability coverage it provides. Homeowners take on a lot of liability on a daily basis when they own a home. Since they have responsibility for anyone that enters their home, making sure they are covered for unexpected incidents is extremely helpful. A full liability policy will provide anyone with enough protection.

For those that are in the Greenwood Lake, NY area and need a home insurance policy, speaking with Windermere Insurance could be a great option.  Windermere Insurance is a leading insurance provider that can help to ensure you receive the necessary coverage that you need on your next policy.  

Should You Adjust Your Home Insurance Coverage to Account for Depriciation?

Your home, like your car and everything else you own, does depreciate or lower in value as it ages. That being said, you might need less home insurance as your home ages and for some, the decision to reduce coverage due to depreciation is a tough one. For those in the Greenwood Lake, NY area, the agents with Windermere Insurance can help you decide what to do with your policy.

Policies are tailored to each individual home and as such your coverage and policy needs are going to change as your home ages. Depreciation most often occurs as a home ages and the policy is not altered to reflect the advanced age of the home. Though you are not required to change your coverage, for some, changing coverage can mean lower and more affordable monthly premiums. Your coverage is determined based on the value of the home and older homes are generally worth less.

That being said, you also must take into account how much it would take to rebuild your home. For some, accounting for depreciation is not going to make a huge difference in their monthly premiums. For others, keeping a higher coverage is more beneficial because it can help you to rebuild to current standards if your home is destroyed. No matter what you choose, your agent can help you decide if you should have your home insurance coverage adjusted to reflect the depreciation in your home. Generally, unless your home is significantly older or in disrepair that is not comparable to what it was when you took out the policy, your depreciation is not going to make a huge amount of difference.

For those in the Greenwood Lake, NY area, the agents with Windermere Insurance can help you find the right policy for you.


The Homes of Greenwood Lake: How insurance Helps Keep Them Safe

Being safe means different things to different people, but that feeling of security is something that everyone craves deep down. Whether you tend to take a lot of precautions or prefer a bit more spontaneity, there’s no escaping the fact that everyone needs home insurance in Greenwood Lake, NY to keep their home from harm.

Foundations and Structures

When a terrible storm hits and your home’s structure is damaged, home insurance is what makes it possible to get the repairs to keep everyone living under the same roof. While you’re unlikely to have a storm blow your house away, it could severely damage the roof or foundation, so much that it threatens the entire house.

Thieves and Accidents

When someone breaks into your home to take your things, you may think you have full coverage on what’s been taken. But you may be surprised to find out you don’t get quite as much back as you thought you would. Policies cover different things, meaning you could have insult added to injury by only getting a nominal check to cover the loss. The same goes for accidents and liability. If the UPS delivery person slips on an icy patch on your front stoop, do you know if you’ll be able to cover all of the fees should they decide to sue? These types of fees can cripple a homeowner and cause them to lose their home. 

We’re here to give you the real deal on home insurance in Greenwood Lake, NY. Our experience makes it far less likely that you’ll encounter a situation you don’t want to be in. Contact us if you’re worried that you may not have enough coverage on your home, or if you’ve just purchased your first home. 



Home Insurance Tips

Finding the right insurance policy is like finding the best place to eat. Once you find it, you can never turn back. Home insurance can be very difficult to understand but with the help of the experienced agents at Windermere Insurance in the Greenwood Lake, NY area can help.

What Should You Look For?

Most basic policies are going to be enough to cover anything that might happen to the average home. They are going to cover fire, wind, theft, ice, etc. These are all common events that everyone needs to be covered for. Your basic policy is also going to cover an individual monetary value based on your home and how much it is worth and how much it is going to cost to rebuild.

The difference in home insurance policies comes in the special add-ons and how much supplemental coverage you need. This can mean adding more coverage to help cover the value of your movie collection, your big screen tv, the new appliances you have in your kitchen and so on. When looking for a policy you want to look for flexibility and the ability to tailor the coverage to your specific needs and your specific home.

Agents Can Help

Your agent is going to be the biggest help that you can have in any event. Make sure you talk with your agent to find out just what coverage you need to be legal, what coverage you need to fully cover your home and your property and what you need to make sure you are going to be able to recover if there is a disaster.

For those that need help or that have questions about home insurance, the helpful agents at Windermere Insurance in the Greenwood Lake, NY area can assist you in all your needs.  

New Home in Greenwood Lake, NY? Get Home Insurance Quotes From a Trusted Agent

Your Greenwood Lake, NY home is where you feel comfortable. It is where your family gathers, where celebrations happen, and where you can relax when you come back from work. Because it is so many things to you, you want to make sure you have the right insurance policy to protect it. You can get that from a trusted agent at Windermere Insurance, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with proper insurance coverage. Whether you have a mortgage on your home and need insurance for the lender, or you just want to make sure you have the best coverage, the right insurance agent can make a big difference.

Getting a quality insurance policy matters, because it is not just about purchasing insurance and paying the premiums every year. It is also about feeling confident that you have the coverage you need when and if you ever have to make a claim for damages. You do not want to be left without the right coverage when you need it most, and by choosing a trusted Greenwood Lake, NY agent for your policy, you will not have that worry. Additionally, working with an independent agent means that you can get quotes from multiple companies. You can compare coverage, and you will not have to pay too much.

Contact the independent agents at Windermere Insurance today, and let them help you select the policy that will work for your home, life, and needs. As those needs change over time, having a trusted agent will mean that you can continue to adjust your policy for the level of protection required. Whether your family grows, you choose a different house, or you want to make improvements to the home you have, your insurance will be there to grow and change with you.

Getting Creative: Alternative Uses for Cleaning Supplies

You have a myriad of cleaning supplies in your home that mostly sit unused until it’s time for a little scrubbing. You can get more bang for your buck when learn a few tricks and alternative uses that make these solutions so much more amazing. Here are three easy ways to use cleaning supplies in ways you might not have imagined.

Pest Control

If you have problems with bugs or other small pests, a large range of cleaners can help manage the problem. Window cleaner, degreasers and other strong solvents are great at driving away bugs. Spray in the cracks and nooks where they like to hide for the best results. Always be careful not to mix cleaners when you do this, as they can produce unexpected and potentially harmful fumes.

Improve Temperature Control

Mixing dish soap with water gives you a solution that will freeze at much lower temperatures or boil much hotter. You can create long-lasting ice packs that are great for portable coolers or longer treatments for injuries. Combine them with a portable fan and you can have an air conditioner anywhere you need it. On the other end of the spectrum, you can keep water from boiling when you need it. Choose your soap with a smell you favor for the best results.

Kill Weeds

Dish soap strikes again. Combining it will salt and vinegar produces a surprisingly effective weed killer that can keep your sidewalks and driveways clear of unwanted growth. The solution is completely safe for pets and kids. Take note, though, that this weed killer will also annihilate grass or other plants that get sprayed, so it is not best to kill weed in the lawn, bushes, garden or flowerbed.

Taking care of your home is a lifelong pursuit. Make sure you are protected against major threats and disasters. Windermere Insurance can partner with you to plan a policy that works for you.

3 Tips for Packing the Children’s Bedrooms

While the thought of moving into a new home is exciting, it may also be overwhelming for children. Be positive about the move. If you are dreading the move, the children will notice and it may increase their stress and anxiety about the move. Packing with kids is difficult enough, but when it comes to packing their room you may face a great deal of challenges, especially when it comes time to sort through their belongings. The following tips will help you get the children’s rooms packed and moved without too much anxiety from the kids.

The Essentials

When you are packing to move it is easy to forget about the basic necessities. In a suitcase, pack a pair of the children’s favorite pajamas, a change of clothing and their bed linens. Not only will this make it easier to find the things you need for their first night in their new home, but it will help them feel safe and comfortable in their new rooms.

A Special Box

Let the children pack a special box with their toys. After the box is full, have them put their name on it, and give them crayons and stickers to decorate the box. Let the movers know that these boxes are priority and should be the first items that need to be removed from the moving truck. Let the children know they will be able to unpack the box as soon as they arrive at the new house. This will give the children something to look forward to when they arrive at their new home.

Packing up Their Room

Children can become extremely emotional when they see their things being thrown out, regardless of how old, broken or torn items are. So, if you have younger children it may be best to wait until they are asleep to sort through toys and clothing. If you have older children, give them boxes for things to take with them, but also give them a box for items that can be donated and a box for items that can be thrown away. Suggesting that the two of you together take the items being donated to a local shelter may encourage them to put more than one or two items in the box.

It is important to tell your children right away as soon as you are moving. Kids need time to get used to the idea of moving, so make sure to give them plenty of notice about the move. If possible, take the kids for a drive around their new neighborhood so they can have a chance to explore the area before moving day.

There are a lot of steps involved in the moving process, but do not forget to contact Windermere Insurance to review your current home or renters insurance policy or to start a new policy.