How to choose the best New York auto insurance policy

For those that live in the Greenwood Lake, NY area, owning a car is a practical necessity. Since owning a car is so important, it is also necessary to make sure that you are properly protecting it. Since it can be complicated to choose the right New York auto insurance policy at times, there are tips that should be followed to ensure you make the best decision possible. 

Consider Legal Requirements

When you are looking for auto insurance for your vehicle in New York, the first thing to consider is your legal requirements. All drivers in the state are required to carry liability insurance whenever they take their vehicle on the road. It is important to know what level of liability insurance you need to have and to make sure that you have this coverage at all times. If you are caught without it, you could face serious consequences.

Additional Coverage Options

As you are shopping for a car insurance policy, you should also consider your additional coverage options. While you may not be required to have them per the law, you still should consider getting collision and comprehensive auto insurance. When you have this type of coverage in place, you will be covered for a wide variety of risks including theft, accident damage, vandalism, and even damage caused by a storm.

Choosing the right auto insurance policy for your Greenwood Lake, NY vehicle is a big decision. Due to the importance of it, you should consider speaking with the team at Windermere Insurance first. When you speak with the professionals at Windermere Insurance, you will learn more about your auto insurance needs. The team can also help you to get into a policy that properly protects you and your vehicle. 

Guide to ATV/Snowmobile Insurance

ATVs and snowmobiles in Greenwood Lake, NY can be dangerous to those around them and the riders. These items can also be expensive to repair and replace so owners should consider purchasing insurance.

What Insurance Covers

Many insurance companies will cover ATVs under motorcycle insurance policies. These policies can cover different things. Bodily injury liability will cover damages and injuries associated with your ATV or snowmobile. It can also cover legal fees that result from a legal claim made against the policyholder. Property damage liability is similar to bodily injury except it pays for any damages that are caused to someone else’s property. This includes belongings, as well as yards and homes. Other types of optional insurance included collision and comprehensive coverage in order to pay for damages to your ATV or snowmobile.


Riders should be aware of certain circumstances that could be excluded from ATV coverage. A standard policy will usually only cover recreational use of the vehicle and will not cover any damages that are related to racing. Riding an ATV on a road or highway can be excluded from insurance coverage because it’s illegal. Signage regarding this should be obvious, but don’t assume ATVs on permitted on roads and highways. An agent at Windermere Insurance can help you determine if there are other exclusions in your policy.

Is Insurance Required?

Since ATVs aren’t street legal, there aren’t any state insurance requirements in order to own the vehicle. However, insurance may be required in state-owned lands and parks if these areas allow ATVs and snowmobiles. It’s not required on private property if someone has permission to ride. You may still want to purchase a policy to protect yourself. Homeowner insurance won’t usually pay for damages to your ATV or snowmobile. There will be limitations on liability coverage under your home insurance policy.

Contact Windermere Insurance, serving Greenwood Lake, NY, to get a quote on ATV/snowmobile insurance. 


New York Motorcycle Law: What You Need to Know

The area surrounding Greenwood Lake, NY is perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts. With plenty of open roads and hidden paths to explore, you can find endless pleasure on the back of your bike. However, adhering to New York motorcycle laws is an important part of maintaining a safe and enjoyable outing. Get the facts on New York motorcycle laws from Windermere Insurance.

  • You are required to wear a helmet while operating your cycle. The equipment must conform to the standards set forth in FMVSS 218. Eye protection is also required for all riders.
  • Keep your lights on, even during daytime rides. This makes your vehicle more visible and reduces the likelihood of being in an accident.
  • If your bike doesn’t come equipped with a proper seat and footrest for passengers, don’t allow others to ride with you.
  • To be street legal, your bike needs to possess these components: head and tail lights, stop lamp, license plate lamp, a red rear reflector, brakes, directional and turn signals, a horn or other audible warning device, a rearview mirror, a muffler, and handlebars that are positioned at the proper height for the driver.
  • In addition to these regulations, New York motorcycle drivers are required to maintain a Class M state license. This means taking a road test. If you already have a state-issued license, you may be able to waive the road test requirement.

Proper insurance coverage is also an essential part of conforming to New York motorcycle laws. Talk to the experts at Windermere Insurance in the Greenwood Lake, NY area for more information on coverage for your all of your vehicles.

Do I Need Umbrella Insurance For My Small Business?

As a small business owner, you know that it’s important to spend your money wisely. You may be wondering if umbrella insurance is something you really need. At Windermere Insurance, serving Greenwood Lake, NY, we pride ourselves on helping small business owners get coverage that makes sense for them. Let’s talk about umbrella insurance to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. 

Think about your current insurance policy for your small business. Now, think about things that aren’t covered. This is where umbrella insurance comes in. Much like a physical umbrella, this type of insurance protects you against far more than your standard insurance policy. 

When it comes to determining the cost of umbrella insurance, it’s important to consider your industry. Costs can be higher if you often perform work outside of your office (such as landscaping or construction work on residential homes). Costs may be lower for certain industries, such as retail and restaurants. While your umbrella insurance policy won’t be something you’ll think about on a day to day basis, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you encounter a situation not covered by your standard policy. 

If you’re just starting out in your business, umbrella insurance may not be a good fit for you. If you’ve already got a thriving business on your hands, the last thing you want is for a lawsuit to ruin the hard work you’ve invested in growing your brand. At Windermere Insurance, serving Greenwood Lake, NY, we know the ins and outs of umbrella insurance, and we can talk with you to help you decide if this type of coverage makes sense for your business. 

Insure Your RV and Your Next Trip

That RV is often a home away from home and as the season approaches it is probably time to make sure that your home on wheels is maintenance. That may mean a tuneup, wheels and alignment and oil change right? You may also be checking off the list of supplies like first aid kit, toiletries, and food supplies for example. It may also be a good idea while you are getting everything prepared for your next trip, that you make sure your RV insurance is up to speed.

Insuring Your RV and Your Next Trip

Like any vehicle, the state requires insurance coverage for your RV, regardless if you live in Greenwood Lake NY or Anchorage AK. While these requirements vary from state to state, professional agents like the folks at Windermere Insurance make it easy to stay covered and stay legal. They will also be there when you clip that mailbox or bump that car because RV’s are also big which mean they can cause considerable damage and RV repairs can often be expensive too.

Having RV insurance that keeps you legal, that helps protect us from the expense of accidents and that helps with repairs will result in not only keeping your RV safe but ensuring that your next trip is also a safer one. The peace of mind from knowing that you are covered will make it easier to relax and enjoy your next trip, even if you have a fender-bender or minor accident along the way.

Check Off RV Insurance Before You Go

Customers of Windermere Insurance, both in Greenwood Lake, NY and the surrounding areas have found the right insurance for their RV’s and the comfort of knowing that they are protected, by working with our experienced and caring agents. Contact us today, and make sure your check RV Insurance off your pre-trip list before you go!  


Does My Renter’s Policy Change if I Move?

Many people have been priced out of buying a home, so they have to rely on renting in order to put a roof over their head. Just as it is important to have homeowners insurance if you own your own house, you must have renters insurance if you are leasing a space. You never know what disaster could be lurking around the corner; your insurance policy will see to it that you and your family are covered if an unforeseen circumstance catches you by surprise. Call Windermere Insurance in Greenwood Lake, NY to give you more information on your policy options.

What Happens to My Renters Policy if I Move?

Moving is a big event that uproots your entire life. You are so busy packing up your belongings and cleaning your old place that it is pretty easy to forget to change your address on the renters policy. Luckily, you have some time between moving apartments before you need to alert your insurance company. Generally, your plan will allow for a 30-day overlap, meaning you will still be covered under your current plan for up to 30 days after moving without telling your insurance company.

Once you do let the cat out of the bag, however, be aware that your premiums may change with your move. The updated rates will depend on a number of things, such as the location of your new place (e.g., a different state, suburb vs. city, etc.).

Contact Windermere Insurance in Greenwood Lake, NY

If you have just moved into your new apartment in Greenwood Lak,e NY, but have yet to call Windermere Insurance to change your address, do not worry. You have a good amount of time to update all of your information. Just be sure to give them a call within the 30 days in order to avoid a dip in coverage.

If You Cancel Your Life Insurance Before Term do you Get Premiums Back

Life insurance is something that many people take out then forget about. Aside from paying your premiums every month or year you may not really know much about your policy all together. Life insurance is something that is incredibly helpful and that anyone can benefit from. For those that live in the Greenwood Lake, NY area, the agents with Windermere Insurance can help you find the policy that works for you.

All in all, life insurance is something that can be difficult to traverse. If you do not use your policy by the time it reaches term, you may be entitled to your premiums back. It is important that when you take any policy out that you take the time to read up a bit about what the policy covers and what you can expect should your policy mature or reach term prior to your actually needing it. Some policies state that if you do not use the policy before it reaches term you are entitled to the premiums back.

Other policies state that you can simply allow the insurance company to keep the premiums you have paid in and can keep the policy. It is important to note that whole life policies are likely not going to offer any situation in which you are going to be able to recover any premiums that you have paid in. If you are looking for a policy in which you have the potential to get your premiums back, you may want to look for a short term policy that is going to allow for this eventuality. For those that live in the Greenwood Lake, NY area, the agents with Windermere Insurance can help you find the right policy for you and for your particular life insurance needs.  

How to File a Flood Insurance Claim

Floods happen everywhere and at all times of the year, even if you are in an area in Greenwood Lake, NY that isn’t prone to flooding. Winter snowmelt can fill the basement and the first floor of your home in the spring. If a water main breaks and your neighborhood has a lot of paved roads, the water can’t be absorbed into the ground and it can flood your home. Spring rains create overflowing lakes, rivers, reservoirs, ponds and can enter your home as well. The best-case scenario is to have flood insurance from Windermere Insurance to protect your assets.

In the case of a flood in your home or business in Greenwood Lake, NY, there are three distinct steps to take in order to file an insurance claim.

Step 1: Notify your insurance agency to start the claims process. You should have this information at hand when you call or contact them: the name of your insurance company, a telephone or email address where they can reach you at all times and your policy number. Your first contact will be from an insurance adjuster who will ask you some questions.

Step 2: Documentation of the damage. You then need to separate the damaged and undamaged property from each other. Take pictures of all the damages to your home–both inside and outside and to all of your possessions that are damaged or destroyed. Include photos of items you discard as a total loss, damages to your home or building’s structure and standing water levels or water lines on the walls. Make a list of all the damaged items, their cost, and their receipts if you have them. You may need proof of discarded items, so put damaged items outside of the home so as not to cause more things to become wet or damaged.

Step 3: Complete proof of loss. A proof of loss supports your flood claim. Your claims adjuster will help you to fill it out correctly and it must be filed with your insurance company 60 days after the claim. You will receive your payment for your claim after you and the insurance agency agrees on the number of damages.

Flood insurance can be a daunting task, but here at Windermere Insurance, we understand and are here to help you to protect your assets. Come by the office or give us a call so we can help you with your flood insurance.






What Is Included In A Commercial Insurance Policy?

Those who visit Windermere Insurance often find themselves wondering about their commercial insurance policy. More specifically, Greenwood Lake, NY residents typically wonder what will actually be included in their commercial insurance policy once it has been purchased. 

These insurance policies are designed to provide continuous coverage for a variety of potential calamities. Property risk and liability are included in these policies. These policies are in the best interests of any business that is looking to take a more proactive approach. 

Breaking Down Commercial Insurance Policies

These policies tend to be purchased by smaller businesses and midsize companies. A business that does not have major liability concerns benefits most from these policies. They are not designed to provide comprehensive coverage or larger risks. Those who operate a larger facility are going to want a different policy.

A commercial insurance policy is one of the best choices that can be made from a customization standpoint as well. Every plan is specific in nature but will include the same basic forms of coverage. Different liability and property exposures can be covered by various commercial insurance policies.

What Will Be Included?

The policyholder must take the time to specifically select the coverage that applies to their concerns. When it comes to a commercial insurance policy, the policyholder cannot expect to get the same results as another policyholder in their chosen niche.

The only items that cannot be included are tied to the employer’s own negligence. Workers’ compensation payments and accidents that are caused by the employer’s own mistakes cannot be included in the commercial insurance policies that are selected, with no exceptions. 

Greenwood Lake, NY residents looking to learn more about the ins and outs of their commercial insurance policy are more than welcome to contact Windermere Insurance as soon as possible. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Anything can happen to your home in Greenwood Lake, NY. Your goal is to make sure you have a home insurance policy that can cover virtually anything that might happen. Windermere Insurance agents can work with you to make sure that you have a reliable policy on your home.

A flood can happen when you least expect it. It may be as a result of a lake overflowing, the snow melting, or even as a result of a storm. If water comes racing into your home, it could destroy your home’s foundation, furniture, and various valuables.

Floods are generally not covered on a standard home policy. This means that if you don’t have any additional coverage, you would be financially responsible for the damages as well as the replacements. You don’t want to spend that this kind of money. The better solution is to protect your home in Greenwood Lake NY with a rider.

It’s possible to add flood protection to your home insurance policy. This way, if there is a flood, you will be protected. When you get your home insured for the first time, the insurance agent will also review to see if you’re in a FEMA-identified flood zone. If you are, you will be required to have some kind of flood insurance. Otherwise, it’s up to you as to whether you want to add it to your policy. Although it’s an added expense, it can be a wise investment so that you are protected if flood water comes toward your home.

Since you’re near the water, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for what could happen.

At Windermere Insurance, we’re here to help you. Our independent insurance agents can review your existing home insurance policy, make suggestions on how to improve it, and ensure that you have flood coverage in the event that the unthinkable happens.