3 Tips to Avoiding Road Rage

Road rage is a very serious issue. We’ve all been there where another drive on the road does something, either unsafe or prevents us from making our exit. Whatever the reasoning, it is easy to feel your blood pressure go up and, potentially, burst. At Windermere Insurance, we understand the importance of keeping your cool and preventing the issue from escalating any further, regardless of if you are driving around Greenwood Lake, NY or somewhere else. 

Get Your Sleep

Everyone is a bit more cranky when they don’t have the necessary sleep their body needs. Sleep not only helps you avoid road rage but it can assist with improving just about every other aspect of your life as well. So, if at all possible, do what you can to sleep at night. 

Switch to Classical

Music with a heavy bass line is proven to increase your heart rate. That is great if you’re going to the gym but it is not very good if you are driving your car. That is exactly why you need to avoid heavy music with big bass when driving. Maybe switch it up to classical or jazz or something. Of course, if you like the bass music there is nothing wrong with that, but if you are already in a bad mood, switch to something a bit more calming to the senses. 


Just stop and take a deep breathe. It is real easy to get caught up in the moment. Here’s the thing though. If someone really makes you upset and you start visibly making hand gestures at them or mouthing swear words, it is more likely to make them upset, which means they might retaliate in kind, often to a greater extent. Take a moment a breathe.