New York Motorcycle Law: What You Need to Know

The area surrounding Greenwood Lake, NY is perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts. With plenty of open roads and hidden paths to explore, you can find endless pleasure on the back of your bike. However, adhering to New York motorcycle laws is an important part of maintaining a safe and enjoyable outing. Get the facts on New York motorcycle laws from Windermere Insurance.

  • You are required to wear a helmet while operating your cycle. The equipment must conform to the standards set forth in FMVSS 218. Eye protection is also required for all riders.
  • Keep your lights on, even during daytime rides. This makes your vehicle more visible and reduces the likelihood of being in an accident.
  • If your bike doesn’t come equipped with a proper seat and footrest for passengers, don’t allow others to ride with you.
  • To be street legal, your bike needs to possess these components: head and tail lights, stop lamp, license plate lamp, a red rear reflector, brakes, directional and turn signals, a horn or other audible warning device, a rearview mirror, a muffler, and handlebars that are positioned at the proper height for the driver.
  • In addition to these regulations, New York motorcycle drivers are required to maintain a Class M state license. This means taking a road test. If you already have a state-issued license, you may be able to waive the road test requirement.

Proper insurance coverage is also an essential part of conforming to New York motorcycle laws. Talk to the experts at Windermere Insurance in the Greenwood Lake, NY area for more information on coverage for your all of your vehicles.