Factors That Affect Boat Insurance Cost

Getting and using a boat can be so exciting and rewarding. Make sure you have the proper boat insurance coverage before setting out for a relaxing day on the water. And when you do get boat insurance, be aware of the variables that can affect its cost. Here are details on that from Windermere Insurance serving the Greenwood Lake, NY area.

A person’s driving record for vehicles like cars can cause boat insurance rates to be higher, and that makes sense. Also, a person’s credit score, gender, and age can affect the cost of boat insurance. And whether a person using a boat has had any previous boat insurance claims can affect boat insurance cost.

How much a boat is used can also affect boat insurance rates, so a boat that is just used every once in a while will typically have lower insurance rates than one that’s being used often.

If someone uses a boat on a body of water that has had a high number of boat insurance claims, the cost of boat insurance can go up. The region of the country where the boat is being used can also affect what boat insurance rates are.

The horsepower of the boat being insured will affect boat insurance rates. That is, the higher the horsepower, typically the higher the insurance rates will be. Other details about the boat like its make, model and year will also affect boat insurance rates.

There are many more details to learn about boat insurance costs and boat insurance in general. Feel free to contact Windermere Insurance serving the Greenwood Lake, NY area and get your questions answered.