Things You Didn’t Know Car Insurance Covered

Many know the basics of car insurance in Greenwood Lake, NY and what it covers in the event of an accident, but there are some surprising things that are could be covered under your policy.

Car seats

Many parents know they need to strap their child into a car seat in Greenwood Lake, NY, but if you get into an accident, the seats can be expensive to replace. Insurance agents at Windermere Insurance view car seats as an extension of your car, so if you have collision coverage, it is covered.

Pothole Damage

Potholes are known to cause a lot of damage to cars, but the collision portion of your insurance policy should cover the damages to the vehicle. You may have to file a claim as an at-fault accident.


Animals running into your car, or getting into an accident with an animal, can be put in the same category as vandalism. If you are frequenting areas that are rural and have a lot of animals running around, check to make sure you are covered. Your policy may also cover rodent damage if they chew away at wiring and you have comprehensive coverage.

Pet Injuries

Many times, your pets are riding in a vehicle without proper restraints. In the event of an accident, they can be injured. Some companies will provide coverage to help pay for treatment for pets that are hurt. This may be included in your collision or comprehensive coverage, or you may need to ask for this type of policy.


Riots and protests are becoming more common. If your car is damaged because of these protests, you may be covered under your policy because it’s considered an act of vandalism.

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