Property Coverage is not Enough For a Small Business; Think Umbrella Coverage

For small businesses in Greenwood Lake, NY and other towns when starting out on a bootstrap budget, everything is about holding down costs to make the first year successful. After all, if a business can’t grow, it won’t be able to keep going with market ups and downs. So it’s not surprising that many new small business owners limit their protection in terms of insurance coverage to just what they can see, their business property. However, there are a lot of different types of financial risks out there for a new business that doesn’t involve physical damage to property, but they can damage a business financially just as much. Sexual harassment claims, customer dissatisfaction with a promised service, product warranty issues, workers compensation claims, and omissions all can be had to the financial headaches of a new business just trying to keep its head above water in Greenwood Lake, NY.

Windermere Insurance has seen multiple cases where well-meaning small businesses have been sunk before their big opportunity simply because of an unexpected claim or cost. This is why umbrella insurance matters so much – simple property insurance coverage doesn’t protect against the intangible claims that are common to businesses of all types. And remember, settlements to avoid a trial can be expensive too. Ask any small owner who has had to make a settlement with a disabled customer to cannot access the business and demands a lawsuit as a result. It’s more common than many new business owners think. To avoid being another failed business statistic, give the staff at Windermere Insurance a call. They can put together an umbrella insurance package that covers what a simple property policy won’t take care of. And you can focus on running your business instead of waiting for the legal shoe to drop.