When Your Bakery Burns Down, Will Commercial Insurance Help?

There are many bakeries in Greenwood Lake, NY that offer high-quality goods to a large number of people. Unfortunately, severe fires can impact your business and even obliterate it. Thankfully, we at Windermere Insurance have commercial insurance policies that can protect your bakery business.

Severe Fires Can Destroy A Bakery

Bakeries are often prone to fires due to their unique business type. For example, a buildup of debris in an oven can ignite and spread quickly through the bakery. When this happens, there will be a lot of fuel, including the baked goods, that will make the fire spread even more quickly. That’s why it is crucial to get commercial fire insurance to protect your investment.

What Fire Policies Will Cover 

When your bakery is affected by a fire, your policy will typically cover all repair or replacement needs caused by the fire. This coverage includes the building, your sign, furniture inside of the bakery, and your equipment. For example, if your oven caused the fire and was destroyed, commercial insurance can help provide you with a replacement for this essential item. 

Commercial Insurance Helps You Get Back On Your Feet 

Commercial insurance for a bakery will not only help you rebuild your bakery but provide you with loss of income coverage. This money helps you to stay financially solvent while you repair your bakery, rebuild it, or even temporarily relocate it. Most of the time, coverage of this type will usually last for about 12 months, but this will vary depending on your exact policy. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Get A Little Help 

At Windermere Insurance, we can help Greenwood Lake, NY bakeries like yours get the coverage they need to stay open after a fire. Talk to one of our agents now to learn more about the exact policy options, costs, and limitations that will apply to your specific policy.