How to Apply for a Boat Insurance Claim

Do you worry about how you will handle getting a boat insurance claim if something happens to your watercraft? If so, read on to learn what is required to file a boat insurance claim. 

In order to have a solid understanding of what happened with your boat, you must provide your insurer with as many details as possible. The following are among the most important for you to submit: 

  • How many people were involved 
  • The contact information of everyone involved (names, addresses, and phone numbers especially)
  • Each individual’s insurance information (the names of the companies, their policy numbers, and contact details for the companies)
  • Descriptive information for the watercraft (the year, make, and model) 
  • The registration and license numbers for the watercraft involved
  • Contact details for anyone who will speak as witnesses 
  • Photographs of damage that has occurred

Once you file this boat insurance claim, you will be given a claims representative to assist you. He or she will have an inspection performed of the damage and work towards getting you a settlement. 

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It can be incredibly nerve-wracking to figure out how to start a boat insurance claim if it is your first time. You may worry that you will do something wrong and not receive funds to cover damage of your watercraft and other related expenses. Do not worry, when you have a dedicated team of professionals such as Windermere Insurance on your side. Serving the greater Greenwood Lake, NY area for several years, Windermere Insurance will ensure that you are given proper assistance and excellent customer service from its experienced representatives. reach out to contact us today, and you will be glad when you see the results.