5 Ways to Prepare for a 2018 RV Road Trip

RV’ing is a great way to see the country. By planning your travels in advance, you can make your first RV road trip of the year a raving success. Here are a few ways to prepare for your RV travels.

Give Your RV a Thorough Inspection

Use a checklist to inspect your RV thoroughly before hitting the road – both inside and out. Your checklist should include your RV’s batteries, tires, fluids, generator, water system, appliances, lights, turn signals and wipers. Make sure your vehicle is completely road worthy before taking it out.

Map Out Your Travels

Map out your trip and check road conditions around Greenwood Lake, NY or other areas where you plan to travel. There are various websites to include the DOT Federal Highway Administration that provide information on road conditions, construction and closures. Advanced planning can help you avoid trouble spots on the road so you can enjoy safer, more pleasant travels. 

Make Reservations in Advance

Make reservations for campgrounds in advance and confirm them several hours before stopping to avoid last minute problems with places to stay. To be safe, make a list of alternative campgrounds in the area just in case your reservations don’t pan out. If you can’t make it to your reserved campground, call to cancel so they can give your spot to someone else. 

Keep Tabs on Weather Conditions

Check the weather forecast for the time and places you’ll be visiting so you’ll know what to expect. With advanced warning, you can avoid severe storms or dangerous road conditions altogether by choosing alternate routes of travel.

Update RV Insurance

Update your RV insurance with Windermere Insurance, Greenwood Lake, NY, to ensure you’re fully protected against any eventuality on the road. To learn more about RV coverage options, talk to a Windermere Insurance agent today.