Essentials of flood insurance

Most people assume that their home insurance covers damages caused by floods, but that is not the case. Most insurance companies including Windermere Insurance offer home insurance separate from flood insurance. It is important that you check the terms of your policy before signing any agreements.

If you are in Greenwood Lake, NY, it is recommended that you take a flood insurance coverage since it is an area susceptible to floods. Floods can be caused by hurricanes, storms or even melting snow. Therefore, even if you are in a low-risk area, it is good you take this cover just as a precaution.

We at Windermere Insurance want you to have peace knowing that your home is protected from floods if it occurs. We have a team of dedicated personnel who are always ready to listen and guide you through our coverage options. To know if your home needs or qualifies for flood insurance, feel free to contact us at any time.

We provide flood insurance which is authorized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Some of our coverage options include:

Building Coverage

With this coverage, your home’s physical structure is protected against floods. Note, however: flood insurance does not cover the land where your house is built.

Contents Coverage

Contents coverage covers items or belongings in your home. Some examples of contents covered include clothing, electronics, furniture, dishwashers, grills, microwaves and carpeting among others.  We recommend that you evaluate your home inventory before signing any agreements so you can know what you are insuring.

Replacement Cost Coverage

If your home is a primary residence or that of a single family, we give you a reimbursement for any cost you may have incurred replacing your home. However, this coverage depends on your policy so make sure you understand all the terms of your policy.

We are honored to serve the people of Greenwood Lake, NY, and that is why our priority is your satisfaction. Feel free to contact us or visit our offices for more information.