Covering your fleet: Commercial auto insurance in NY

Here’s a question people often come to Windermere Insurance with: Does commercial insurance cover your company vehicles?

The short answer is: No. Or at least not by default. It is possible to get a commercial policy that covers both your building and assets contained therein and your company car, it can be a lot less expensive and a lot more convenient to get coverage this way. But it’s best not to assume that your commercial policy covers your company vehicles unless specifically stated.

In some instances your commercial policy may cover any damages your auto suffers while on company property, in the garage, the parking lot and so on, but in terms of damages suffered while you’re out doing your rounds or making deliveries, you will need to ensure that you have commercial auto coverage to protect your business vehicle.

Note that if you are using a personal vehicle for work, your personal auto policy may cover that in Greenwood Lake, NY, but you will want to keep your insurer abreast on how you are using your vehicle. Driving to and from work is assumed, of course, as is most minimal usage. But if you’re making constant deliveries, then you need to talk to your provider about getting covered for that.

Greenwood Lake, NY isn’t so different from most places when it comes to professional and private insurance. If you have any questions, call Windermere Insurance to see if they can connect you with an insurance provider who meets all your needs, whether you’re covering a small shop or a whole fleet of pizza delivery cars and drivers.