Is Full Auto Insurance Required in Greenwood Lake, New York?

Throughout the state of New York, motorists are required by law to carry at a minimum, $25,000 worth of liability insurance on each vehicle that is registered and driven. Although it is not required to have full and comprehensive auto insurance, obtaining liability insurance is a must regardless of your age, your vehicle type, and how long you have been a licensed driver.

For individuals who are in need of auto insurance in New York, we help serve the area of Greenwood Lake to ensure you are properly within the state’s system and registered in the case of an accident or if you are pulled over by police officers for any reason (including simple traffic stops). Those who do not carry the minimum liability insurance for their vehicles in New York are at risk of being charged with a misdemeanor and potentially losing their ability to drive altogether, depending on past driving offenses. Getting the right type of insurance is best with the assistance of an agent who specializes in auto insurance in your place of living to guarantee protection for you and your family. We will work with you to get anything from liability insurance to full comprehensive coverage for all drivers in your family based on your financial means and protection needs when driving.

When you are ready to find the right insurance policy for your vehicle, connect with us at Windermere Insurance, serving all of Greenwood Lake, NY. Getting the protection you need while driving is essential to avoid financial strains and the potential loss of your driver’s license any time you are on the road in the state of New York.