Greenwood Lake, NY Insurance tips

Located just Northwest of New York City, Greenwood Lake, NY is a great getaway for people to visit and live. If you are fortunate enough to live in a place like Greenwood Lake, you will probably need some form of insurance, as there are concerns about the unexpected just about everywhere you go. Below are some tips for types of insurance you may want to obtain in Greenwood Lake, NY through a local broker like Windermere Insurance, who knows the area and can tailor a policy for its client’s exact needs.


If you live in Greenwood Lake, you will need a car to get around, which means you will need at least liability auto insurance. This insurance will protect you from lawsuits and medical and property damages in the event of an accident to a certain amount. You will not only need this insurance because it is the law if you want to legally drive a vehicle in Greenwood Lake but also in the winter, as the area receives a lot of snow and icy and has many twisty rural roads, making accidents more probable. You can always adjust the policy on a seasonal basis to save money.


Those who own home sin Greenwood Lake will also need home insurance, to protect against the unexpected in their homes, so they don’t cost themselves a ton of money or end up quite literally homeless. These policies will protect against things like fire, which the area can be vulnerable to, and ice storms, which can cause trees to fall on homes or roofs to collapse from snow. There is also always the threat of pipes bursting and flooding a house which can cause a tremendous amount of damage as well. Talk to an insurance agent about all these things and pick the policy which works best for you.