Make Your Fall Home Chore List a Family Affair

It Has To Be Done

That old familiar Autumnal activity of completing your seasonal home to-do list. Windemere Insurance has been a trusted name for all of your insurance needs for years and has been serving the Greenwood Lake, NY area and surrounding areas with knowledgeable, courteous service. Let us help you decide exactly what your home insurance portfolio should look like.  While you are shaving items from your Fall to-do list , why not share the workload with the ones you love the most. Fall is a great time of year but it often it leaves (no pun intended) your family going in ten different directions. Vacations done, the kids are back to school replete with a list of one hundred and one different activities. Your plate is beyond full with conferences at work and obligations.

You don’t have to neglect the aesthetic appeal of your home in deference to all of the other things that are pulling you in one thousand different directions. You and your family can pull fall together for your home and have fun in the process.

What to Do with All Those Leaves

Do something that is going to help the environment while making your home safer and more beautiful. Opt to rake and bag your leaves as opposed to blowing and bagging. The use of gas or eclectric blowers is unnecessary when you have good old human power to the get the job done. At the end of a couple of hours of raking let the kids reward themselves by jumping in the pile. It really is as fun as it looks.

While you Greenwood Lake, New Yorkers  jump right into fall with fun and frolic with your family stop by our Windermere Insurance office to get the very best service for all of your insurance needs.