Greenwood Lake, NY: Do Fifth Wheel RVs Require the Same Type of Insurance as a Coach RV?

Recreational vehicles come in many different shapes and sizes. A fifth-wheel camper must be pulled with a vehicle that is set up with the same type of hook up that is used to connect semi tractor/trailers. A coach RV, on the other hand is more like a bus, having its own motor and engine compartment. Both types of campers must be adequately insured before being taken onto public roadways, but the type of insurance that is needed, differs slightly.

The type of insurance for a coach RV is much like that of a boat once it is placed on the water or any other vehicle that shares the roadway with it. The policy must meet or exceed the financial state minimums required for the state of New York. When it comes to a fifth-wheel, the insurance policy that covers the vehicle pulling the fifth-wheel will also cover the camper as well, at least while it is being transported from one location to another. 

Just like a boat, having any camper insured against theft or damage is  the best way to protect your investment. Large campers can cost as much as a conventional home. Protecting your investment is important to prevent massive financial loss.

The residents of Greenwood Lake, NY can talk to the agents of Windermere Insurance if they have any questions concerning insurance for different types of recreational vehicles and fifth-wheel campers. Each type of vehicle may require additional insurance especially if they are hauling a boat or being hauled by another vehicle. Talk to your local insurance agent today to make sure your motor home or RV is fully protected.