I have property insurance – Do I still need commercial insurance

It is important understand the difference between having property insurance and having commercial insurance. Often, property insurance is not enough to protect your business and all of its assets. Think about it. You may have a significant amount of inventory within your warehouse, commercial vehicles out on the road, and a large number of employees.

Property Insurance is Just That

Property insurance will protect your property in the event that there is damage or theft. Depending upon your policy, you may be protected against storms, floods, burglaries, and a variety of other issues that could take place.

That said, property insurance is only going to protect your property. It doesn’t provide you with protection against the various other aspects of your business.

What Commercial Insurance Offers

When you have a business in Greenwood Lake, NY, you have to look beyond the property. Commercial insurance is going to protect you in a variety of other ways. You can have liability protection, insurance for your employees, your vehicles, and much more.

Be realistic about the various circumstances that could take place within and around your business. If an employee falls and hurts themselves, you want insurance. If one of your employees give that information to a client and they sue, you want to make sure that you have the financial protection in place. Without commercial insurance, you could end up spending all of the profits of your business – and this can be avoided by having the right policy.

It doesn’t take long to explore all of the different types of insurance, and if you purchase all of your commercial insurance from the same company, you may even qualify for a variety of discounts.

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