Updating your insurance policy when you move

Whether you have just recently moved to Greenwood Lake, New York or are considering the move or plan on moving elsewhere, you probably have your head full of tasks needed to ready yourself. The last thing in your mind is probably insurance, but you need to add it at least to your to-do list. Why is that? Because when you move, beyond just changing the billing address, it is important to update your insurance policy. At Winderemer Insurance, we understand the importance of having the right policy for the home you are in, and as that home changes, so to does the kind of insurance you need. 

Value of Your Home and Location

Your home owner’s insurance can vary, depending on several key factors. If the property is substantially lower or higher in value, you need to alter your insurance to cover it. Additionally, the home location plays a big role on what your insurance costs. This alone is a reason to contact us about the new location. 

Different Policies

There are different requirements for where you live. Maybe you lived at the base of a hill and opted for flood insurance, but now you live on the 30th floor of a condo. Well, you’ll need different kinds of policy add-ons. Maybe you had a garage, but you don’t now. Every property is different and with it comes different kinds of insurance policies to protect it. 

Security Changes Everything

In and around Greenwood Lake, you’ll find gated communities. Some of these communities require you to go with a specific insurance provider or obtain a certain kind of insurance. Otherwise, the HOA won’t accept you. Other times, the gated community has tall fences and guards at checkpoints. This can reduce your insurance needs and costs as it reduces the chance of a break-in. 

3 Tips for Packing the Children’s Bedrooms

While the thought of moving into a new home is exciting, it may also be overwhelming for children. Be positive about the move. If you are dreading the move, the children will notice and it may increase their stress and anxiety about the move. Packing with kids is difficult enough, but when it comes to packing their room you may face a great deal of challenges, especially when it comes time to sort through their belongings. The following tips will help you get the children’s rooms packed and moved without too much anxiety from the kids.

The Essentials

When you are packing to move it is easy to forget about the basic necessities. In a suitcase, pack a pair of the children’s favorite pajamas, a change of clothing and their bed linens. Not only will this make it easier to find the things you need for their first night in their new home, but it will help them feel safe and comfortable in their new rooms.

A Special Box

Let the children pack a special box with their toys. After the box is full, have them put their name on it, and give them crayons and stickers to decorate the box. Let the movers know that these boxes are priority and should be the first items that need to be removed from the moving truck. Let the children know they will be able to unpack the box as soon as they arrive at the new house. This will give the children something to look forward to when they arrive at their new home.

Packing up Their Room

Children can become extremely emotional when they see their things being thrown out, regardless of how old, broken or torn items are. So, if you have younger children it may be best to wait until they are asleep to sort through toys and clothing. If you have older children, give them boxes for things to take with them, but also give them a box for items that can be donated and a box for items that can be thrown away. Suggesting that the two of you together take the items being donated to a local shelter may encourage them to put more than one or two items in the box.

It is important to tell your children right away as soon as you are moving. Kids need time to get used to the idea of moving, so make sure to give them plenty of notice about the move. If possible, take the kids for a drive around their new neighborhood so they can have a chance to explore the area before moving day.

There are a lot of steps involved in the moving process, but do not forget to contact Windermere Insurance to review your current home or renters insurance policy or to start a new policy.